About Us

Pink of Nature is a young company that was founded out of a passion for natural products and an unwavering commitment to wholesome living. Our initial goal was to create all-natural products for personal use, as we found it challenging to find products that met our standards. We eventually began exploring the world of essential oils and carrier oils, which led us to create an extensive collection of natural products: for home, air fresheners, skin, hair, and body care. Our mission is to offer consumers a natural alternative for our everyday needs.

At Pink of Nature, we believe that responsible companies must prioritize offering products that benefit both consumers and the planet. Earth conscious consumers value quality and are willing to pay for the benefits that all-natural products offer. These include no synthetic chemicals, better efficacy, superior and plant based ingredients, and reduced environmental impact. 

We started Pink of Nature less than a decade ago. It was a labor of love, and a journey full of learning and growing. Our goal was to make products for our families and friends. At the time, we were looking for products that were all natural and that did not have a lengthy list of ingredients. It was not an easy task, so, we decided to make our own. We made products that were all natural with plant based premium ingredients. Over the years we met and worked with some amazing people that taught us so many valuable lessons about the world of natural beauty and its processes.

We began our journey with the exploration of essential oils and essential oil blends, we created amazing essential oil products like oil based perfumes, chakra oils, aromatherapy blends for skin, muscles, hair, as well as, linen sprays, room sprays and natural air purifiers sprays, we proudly provided a natural alternative to air purification and unpleasant odor removal.

Once we gained experience with essential oils, we expanded our exploration into the exotic world of nature with its plethora of carrier oils from black cumin seed, hemp seed oil to jojoba oil, moringa oil, camelina and many more potent oils for skin and hair. Our goal was and still is to provide a natural alternative to home, hair, body, and skin care.  

Today, Pink of Nature is an innovative Canadian cleantech company that promotes wholesome living by offering a range of all natural products. We believe in the importance of alleviating the effects of pollution on air and water quality. Despite the potential higher cost, Pink of Nature encourages conscientious consumers to prioritize natural alternatives for home care, hair care, nail care, pet care, feet care, and body care. We believe that “all natural is better” for us and our planet, and that it should be "the norm and not the exception” 

At PINK OF NATURE, we are passionate about aromatherapy, reflexology, and natural solutions for hair, nail & cuticle, feet & heel, skin & body, as well as pet care. We keep learning and researching the power of essential oils, botanical extracts and plant-based oils. We embrace the Power of Nature, for natural remedies and to better the world we call home. 

We believe that a better future starts with conscious choices. Our love for mother earth and all of it's resources is present in every product we make, with respect and awe for all that nature keeps giving us.