Self-Help Enthusiast

Self-Help Enthusiast

Approximately a decade ago, I embarked on a journey into the realm of self-help. I immersed myself in courses and literature centered around the law of attraction, self-empowerment, and personal growth with the aim of transforming into a better version of myself and creating a more positive reality. Like many individuals seeking improvement, I diligently sought out techniques, secret methods, and guidance. 

I must confess that at the onset of this learning journey, I was completely unaware of the potency of our thoughts and the workings of the mind. I had never before contemplated the power of the subconscious mind. My mind was crowded with fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs about various aspects of life such as success, happiness, work, and existence. 

From the outset, I realized that this subject was far from trivial; it was deep. I recognized the need for a significant overhaul in my approach. As if undertaking a school project, I delved into researching the available techniques for personal improvement. This exploration led me to a vast universe of articles, books, and videos, offering an overwhelming array of material for anyone seeking self-betterment. The abundance of resources made the simple task of choosing whom to follow or what to read quite laborious. 

In a decisive move, I opted to delve into the original works of thinkers, writers, and experts in the field. I delved into archived material from old journals, magazines, and authors from the 19th and early 20th centuries. This newfound knowledge ignited a passion for what I was learning, yet simultaneously fueled my frustration and anger at having discovered this inner power so late in life. Why wasn't this taught in schools? 

The realization that our thoughts create reality, and their transformative power to shape our outer world was eye-opening. Armed with the understanding that we all have the ability to control our thinking and be creators, I found the teachings, at least in theory, to be straightforward. The focus was on a handful of techniques related to the law of attraction: gratitude journaling, meditation, visualization, acting as if, creating vision boards, using affirmations, auto-suggestion, hetero-suggestion, tapping, theta wave music, goal-setting, desire articulation, and controlling exposure to negative influences, among others. 

Once I grasped the theory, the challenge lay in applying this wisdom to my life. Rather than leading by example, I made the mistake of imposing these principles on my family, expecting them to become experts in manifestation and comprehend the intricacies of mind science. Unfortunately, this approach backfired, resulting in annoyance and frustration instead of spreading positivity and happiness. This realization prompted me to understand that the path of personal transformation is an individual choice; it requires a sincere desire and right timing to embark on such a journey. 

I also recognized that we all desire immediate results and instant proof, unwilling to invest time in the transformative process. The paradox of needing to believe in order to see clashed with the impatience of wanting to see before believing. This led me to question why would I not invest the time? What could be more important than creating the life of one's dreams or manifesting personal goals. 

Admitting that because of my impatience and desire for a quick fix, I found myself scattered in a frantic search for the ultimate technique or teacher who would provide the desired results with minimal effort. Despite consuming numerous YouTube videos, audiobooks, and classes, I felt unsatisfied and questioned why I wasn't experiencing the anticipated happiness, health, improved relationships, and success. 

Realizing that my lack of patience and the quest for an easy solution had led me astray, I acknowledged my status as a self-help enthusiast who collected knowledge without the discipline to apply it. It was akin to understanding effective diets but not altering eating habits or recognizing the benefits of exercise without engaging in physical activity. 

The positive aspect was that the acquired knowledge hadn't gone to waste; my subconscious mind absorbed all these powerful and positive insights on transforming reality. I became aware of the resistance within me, stemming from conditioning, habitual thinking, comfort zones, and the contemporary expectation for instant results. 

To remedy the situation, I opted to slow down, assess the issue, and review the inventory of available techniques. I then committed to consistently practicing a chosen technique, reasoning with myself, that the journey of becoming who I am today took a lifetime, and consequently, time was required for thinking, speaking, and acting differently—with belief, positivity, emotion, and patience. 

For the process to be effective, I understood the importance of cultivating calmness, quieting the mind's chatter, and allowing new thoughts and beliefs to emerge. This was a lengthy undertaking that most people were unwilling to commit to. Transformative change didn't happen overnight, but gradual changes began to emerge. Negative thought patterns were identified, replaced with positive ones, and instances of anger decreased. Resistance dissipated, making way for understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. People around me noticed the positive shift, and I started influencing others positively. 

The key was to persist, to keep learning and applying the knowledge, enjoying the process. Positive results encouraged me to stay the course, even on challenging days. While bad days or moments of weakness were inevitable, knowing I possessed an internal reservoir of positivity provided support. 

Reflecting on my journey, I realized that despite the chaotic search as a self-help enthusiast, it led me to a personal path of discovery filled with excitement and awe at the process of learning and growing. I emerged as a happier, more fulfilled individual with greater clarity and purpose. I felt more at ease, less resistant, and aligned with my passion, striving to improve myself and my surroundings. 

The advice I offer to those beginning their journey or desiring genuine change is to start without fear, explore, find a resonant technique, and persistently apply it. Stay focused, and gradually, you will begin to feel different and experience positivity more frequently. The resources for success are already within you—just take that initial step! 


Mathilde B.C.

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