Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty


What does inner beauty mean for me? Before we can even delve into what inner beauty is, we should first clarify what the concept of beauty means. We are constantly bombarded with concepts and ideas of what is beautiful. From the moment we are born we hear comments and opinions of what is beautiful such as “what a beautiful baby,” “look at these cheeks,” “wear this style/color/brand it will make you look so much better” etc... Over time we all developed a personal taste and a personal guideline/standard about what is beautiful for us. Our concept of beauty was shaped and influenced by our parents, friends, society, country, culture, and era we were born into. Society has a significant role in what we think of as beautiful. A person born in the 1700’s and a person born in the year 2000, do not have the same vision of what is beautiful. A person born in Japan and a person born in USA do not necessarily think the same way about what is beautiful. So, it is fair to say that beauty is not an objective or universal concept that applies to everyone across time and space. 

So, if the “beauty ideal” is not the same for everyone, then what is the element of beauty that unifies all societies through all times? In essence, this idea we have of beauty is not something tangible, but rather, it is something invisible, it is an elevated emotion, a feeling, it is how the thought of something beautiful makes us feel. Whether you were born in the Middle Ages or today, or whether you were born in Asia or Europe, the idea of beauty in any society and time always made people feel good, made them feel pleased and happy. When we think of something as beautiful it makes us feel delighted, enthusiastic. There is a praiseworthy sentiment attached to the thought of beauty, with a sense of appreciation. When you walk into a beautiful space you feel a positive energy, in the same manner that you will feel a negative energy walking into a filthy and messy place. When you think about beauty or anything beautiful you feel happier, you have satisfaction, contentment, a sense of well-being, passion, warmth, lightness, a good feeling that is linked to the thing we consider beautiful. 

In a comparable manner, inner beauty is also something not tangible, it is a way of being. It is positive thoughts, words and behaviors that lead to positive emotions, within us and that pour out of us to impact others. It is a feel-good sensation that is not connected to anything physical or material. Inner beauty is something we can sense when we are in the presence of someone that has a kind personality, with good character traits, compassionate behavior, an understanding soul, high moral values, and contagious positive energy. Inner beauty is always seeing the good, using uplifting and empowering words, helping to better the world, inspiring, motivating, never criticizing, or judging, having good manners, and a humble demeanor. When you are around someone that makes you feel good- that elevates you, makes you smile, makes you a better person, helps you see your potential and the genius within- that is when you know that you are in the presence of inner beauty.  

When you start growing, when you see the world differently, more than just a material place, when you connect to your higher self, when you are more forgiving, more loving, happier, a giver, then you know you have tapped into the realm of inner beauty. 

Inner beauty is a world of its own, with causes and effects, and universal laws, in the same manner as our outer world works. Our inner beauty is expressed in our outer reality, in our karma and aura. These are spiritual concepts that have made their way into our material knowledge and understanding. The quantum physics “wave particle reality” is no longer a vague nebulous idea, but a scientific law. Our outer world reflects our inner thoughts and emotions, it is a neutral law, and it works, whether we know of this law or not.  

Inner beauty is to be able to see beauty in everything, to be accepting, to be patient, peaceful, grateful, loving unconditionally. Inner beauty is not a destination but rather an infinite journey of expansion. There is not one way to have inner beauty. We can all have inner beauty, differently and in varying degrees; the goal is to reveal it and transform it from a weak state to a powerful influence felt by all.   

A person that focuses on physical beauty alone and lacks inner beauty is comparable to an empty vessel. This person’s outer beauty will not sustain or transform their environment for the betterment of humanity. Inner beauty is an abstract tool to make this world a better place. An empty vessel needs to be filled with goodness and positivity to cast light on its surroundings; the good news is that an empty vessel is a good beginning to evolve and change. Let us fill our vessel with personal improvement and positive content. 

So, the goal is to think more positively, to think good in order to experience greater good. The more we learn, grow, expand, and connect to our higher self and infinite potential, the more our outer world starts changing. Inner beauty is also our progress and maturity on this journey of self-change. If we feel better and experience more well-being, we are reaping the fruits of our inner beauty. 

Inner beauty transforms a person. It reflects the divine soul’s mastery over its journey in a physical body. A beautiful soul that shines from within outwards into a high vibrational being that blesses its environment by its presence alone. Those people that make us feel good just by being in their presence. It could be our moms, dads, teachers, spiritual leaders, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or a stranger we cross paths with. Inner beauty is for everyone, it is simple, it grows when we grow, it wants to be expressed, so love more, smile more, help more, be aware more, be kind more, and never stop learning, let your inner beauty shine outward and illuminate the world around you and beyond! 


Mathilde B.C. 



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